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You can have the most dynamic form of lead generation by the most preferred method of contact. What is that? Texting!

You are already spending a fortune on social media (time and money) and still you aren't making any more money. Wouldn't it be worth a few moments of extra time to look at something that produces real results? If not, close this page. If so, read on .

Try it right now! Text P0001 to 970-463-6669 It works!

The Intrernet Highway is overcrowded. Take the road less traveled.The one in front of your listing..

Why not text capture someone who has already bought the outside?

Try it right now! Text P0001 to 970-463-6669 It works!

For you: If you are dissatisfied Lower and Fewer Commission Checks. Or you don't have any current listings. You Offer this Free to FSBO's.

Solution: Our unique text capture system (simple property entry with easy label process) * for your listings and for your Fsbo properties. It produces for you more listings, more sales, more sales and listing leads, and more dbl sided sales. This gives you more what? More money and more time! Did I use too many more's.No! What's more see below.

For: For those of you who want a consistant, stable monthly income.

Solution: Nationwide Affiliate program opens to you 2,000,000 realtors , as well as mortgage originators, or any other business that wants to get leads or build their customer list for future marketing. You refer and you forget. Passive residual income, comes to you every month. They do not have to join your company or any other company. They just have to use our solution to their above problems.

Realtor, do you feel you have had a cashectomy on your wallet from social lead sources?

“It has been my pleasure to know and have been professionally associated with Landon for approximately 10 years. He is a good speaker, displays enthusiasm for the subject matter, and engages the audience. He is an asset to any program in which he participates.”

Barbara Lancaster Owner LanMac Realty and LanMac Mortgage

“Thank you for everything you have done for us over the years. You great at what you do. Much appreciation.”

Amy and Chad Cristina University Professor and engineering firm owner

“Landon was excellent. He delivered everything as promised and answered every question I had. I will definitely seek out Landon for any future needs.”

John Motowidlak   Loan Originator Loan Depot

5 Reasons to use Text Capture!

60 Day, No questions asked Money Back Guarantee!

60 Day, No questions asked Money Back Guarantee!

Try the text capture now : Text the Code P0001 to 970-463-6669
It will take the texter (prospect) to the property site and return the
prospects number to you for a hot lead.

Enlist affiliates nationwide and earn extra passive income. Like owning rental homes with no maintenance and no tenants , just income.

You can add an additional dynamic nationwide business that will improve your current business and solve 3 problems that you experience right now.
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This is a ground floor opportunity. Be one of the first in your area to be a part of our network. What do you receive ? 2 free call capture riders with stands (use these with your current company sign). You can re-use riders with our patent pending call capture  system. Free world class training through our Mortgage University (taught by those that have done what they teach – not theory). This training alone is worth the fee. Unlimited use of our 1-Listing Only web site for your own listings and getting “By Owner” listings. Video training in all aspects. Use your unique affiliate link to enlist realtors , mortgage originators, and others all over the country and receive a passive monthly income.

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Give realtors what they really need. What is that? Leads! You get them first (they need a mortgage) then give them to your realtors to Build loyalty and increase your realtor business like never before. Make money off our affiliate program with other mortgage originators. Then click the button above.

REALTORS and Owners

Increase your 2 sided sales by at least 100%. Get leads from “For Sale By Owner” Properties. Add a stable monthly income to relieve pressure of having to make sales every month. Recruit other agents (not with your company) and get a monthly income from them. Double your listings this year with this proven system.

All Types of Businesses

Would you like a salesman that you didn’t have to pay. That never complained, shows up rain or shine. Try our instant info sign that sells your business with a professional video and captures sales leads for you. Great for drive throughs. While they wait you can market. Build prospect list for remarketing.