How to become a better Realtor and create a business and life you love.

Education minus Application equals Frustration Education Plus Application equals Jubilation.

"It is impossible to learn what you think you already know"
Epictetus Stoic Philosopher

Planning to succeed

Start with the end. We will show you the path. We will show you how to take it. Goal setting and how to reach them. Free planning/budgeting tools. Nothing like them nowhere. Tricks to increase your memory of things by 100%.

List to Last

How to obtain listings at no cost. The 4 main sources and a detailed plan of how to get the most out of each source. How to price like a pro. When to accept overpriced listings. Yes there is a time. Increase your listings to solds ratio by 100%.

Become a Selling Machine

Obtain leads for free. Save 2 days up front working with buyers. Make 1000-5000 more on every sale. How to make the prospect want to sign your buyers agreement. Free tools . Interviews with top agents giving their secrets.

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Become a selling machine

How to get free leads even from FSBO's. Save 2 days up front when working with buyers. Free tool How to use the buyers agreement to make $1000-$5000 on each FHA deal.

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List to Last (How to obtain, maintain, and leverage every listing)

Learn how to get leads free. How to do a killer CMA (comparative Market Analysis). Free gifts for FSBO's.

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Real Estate Business Planning

Real Estate Business Planning. Start with the end.. Free tool that will help you plan the rest of your career. Learn 6 principals of marketing that will apply to listings, buyers, and yourself. Free tools to plan. Nothing like it nowhere !

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All in one course. Plan, List, Sell. Be a better you.

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Whether novice or pro, after our courses you will be better, or your money back guaranteed !

Real Estate Broker, Mortage Broker, Instructor

We will give you real estate principles that you can apply to every part of your real estate business. However , we will give you specific actions and methods along with tools (no one else can provide because I created them) to improve each area of your business.

We will start with the end. Where do you want to be. We will show you how to get there. The best planning tool you ever saw will be given free to you. Detail instruction on how to use it.

A way to obtain listings at no cost to you. How to price to sell. How do a great CMA (comparative market analysis). Adjustments you may never have thought of. How to manage the listings after you have them. When to accept a listing or not. When to accept the listing at any price (yes there is a time to do that. Much much more.

How to get prospects free. Yes that’s right. We will help you not spend yourself out of business. We will provide a free tool that will save you 2 days up front working with buyers. How to make more commission on each and every FHA sale. How to set limits on your time and keep buyers. More More More!

Who is this guy and why should I listen to him ?

Realtor for over 4 decades. Owned his own real estate company since 1981. Former Re/Max franchisee. Owned 5 franchised mortgage operations. Sold over 1000 properties personally. Created and published "By Owner" magazine. Trained hundreds of realtors like you.
Landon Crigler
"It has been my pleasure to know and have been professionally associated with Landon Crigler for approximately 10 years. During this period of time I have attended numerous meetings and educational seminars where Landon has been the featured speaker or has participated as a speaker or panelist. Landon is very knowledgeable regarding all aspects of real estate. He is a good speaker, displays enthusiasm for the subject matter, and engages the audience. He is an asset to any program in which he participates.
Barbara Lancaster
Owner LanMac Realty and LanMac Mortgage

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