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"If you aim at nothing you will surely hit it"

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Your Instructor has sold personally over 1000 homes. While running his own real estate office since 1981. He owned 5 mortgage franchise operations (which he created). He was able to live a balanced life. Along with his wife raising three children 2 of which work with him in his business. He will help you do the same.



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You will be taught By A Proven Professional!

I teach you what I have done. Not theory. Not pie in the sky motivation.

Although I believe with the education and tools I provide, you will be excited about your real estate business again.

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Barbara Lancaster founder of LanMac Realty, LanMac Mortgage, and LanMac School of Real Estate says:

"It has been my pleasure to know and have been professionally associated with Landon Crigler for over 10 years. He is a good speaker, displays enthusiasm for the subject matter, and engages the audience. He is an asset to any program in which he participates."

Frequently Asked Questions

No, However, this will not help you get a license. It will help you succeed when you do. It requires no prior knowledge.

A few hours of focused learning, but you can always break it down to smaller segments and study when you have the time.

Landon Crigler a 40 year veteran and others created this course based on current day tactics and their real-world professional experience.

It depends on you. If you apply techniques and principles it will totally transform your real estate business.

It has been said that “those who know the most on a subject want to learn the most. If that is you, this course is for you.

At this time the course is available only in the English language, with a focus on US and EU marketing ecosystems.

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