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Realtor for over 4 decades. Owned his own real estate company since 1981. Former Re/Max franchisee. Owned 5 franchised mortgage operations. Sold over 1000 properties personally. Created and published "By Owner" magazine. Trained hundreds of realtors like you.
Landon Crigler
"It has been my pleasure to know and have been professionally associated with Landon Crigler for approximately 10 years. During this period of time I have attended numerous meetings and educational seminars where Landon has been the featured speaker or has participated as a speaker or panelist. Landon is very knowledgeable regarding all aspects of real estate. He is a good speaker, displays enthusiasm for the subject matter, and engages the audience. He is an asset to any program in which he participates.
Barbara Lancaster
Owner LanMac Realty and LanMac Mortgage